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We believe that if you hire the right people there is enough money for everyone to succeed. So what we’ve done is filled our team with motivated, caring, hard-working men and women who have room to grow within our organization, who we can pay well, by NOT hiring low-life’s and adding layers of middle-managers to babysit them.

If one of them wants to leave to become a brain surgeon, I’m okay with that, but if I lose them to another restoration company, then I have failed.

I believe that if I treat my team right, they will treat you and your customers right, and that’s it. Owning your own restoration company can really can be that simple when you find the right people.


Turned an extremely stressful situation into a mere annoyance! Very professional and courteous. Would use again though I hope I don't have to.

Loren M.
Mesa, AZ.

Fantastic service, and helpful personnel! Jason really takes the time to get the job done right, while making sure you are taken care of!
I can't recommend highly enough!

Kasey E.
Mesa, AZ.

I am an insurance agent and highly recommend Slate Restoration to my clients. Time and time again Slate, and owner Jason have provided excellent service to my clients in their most crucial time of need. You will not be disappointed.

Amy S.
Chandler, AZ.

Our insurance agency refer Jason and his stellar team @ Slate Restoration to our clients constantly because of the timely services they offer as well as their professionalism. No project is too big or too small and completes the project from beginning to end!

Marriane S.
Gilbert, AZ.

Great company.  The owner, Jason is a great guy and takes his job very seriously and takes great care of his clients.  Always quick to respond and class A service.

James H.
Gilbert, AZ.

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